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Hook up your solar panel, 12V battery and electrical appliances to this 10A Solar Charger Controller and you have an automated off-grid solar powered system.

Use your battery to power (for example) outdoor lighting, domestic appliances like a portable TV & radio and so on.

These chargers detect day and night and will charge your battery during the day with no need for complicated settings.

This regulator automatically protects against reverse current at night.

* Dimensions (mm): 140 x 88 x 124
* Weighs 250g
* 4 charging states, including PWM
* operates between -35 to 55 degrees C
* 1 year warranty

Electronic Protection:
* Short circuit & over current-solar and load
* Reverse polarity-solar,load, battery
* Reverse current at night
* Limits high voltage to protect loads

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST. GST will be removed from your order if you are ordering from outside Australia.

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