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JetDryer Executive

As low as $1,192.73

Elegant, hygienic and cost-effective

The Executive Jet Dryer is a very sleek and stylish  washroom hand dryer with smooth curving lines on all surfaces. It uses advanced jet air technology. This hand dryer also features ultra high air speed, low noise with low maintenance, to help maintain a quieter, cleaner, user friendly washroom environment.

Easy to use

To use the JetDryer Executive, simply insert your hands, and three infrared sensors commence the jet flow. The JetDryer Executive supplies powerful gusts of high-speed air to both sides of the hands as they are raised and lowered, which removes the water efficiently and effectively. After around ten seconds, remove your hands and they’re completely dry.

Better for the environment

The JetDryer Executive’s high-speed vacuum motor saves energy as it consumes only 1200 watts of power. The shorter drying time combined with lower power consumption saves money with annual cost savings of up to 80% compared to conventional dryers, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Quiet and user friendly

The JetDryer Executive is very quiet, and produces a fragrance during operation that is both refreshing and relaxing. The design of the unit is ergonomically stylish and elegant, and suits modern washroom decor.


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