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High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamps

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Mercury Vapour lamps

High pressure mercury vapour lamps consist of a quartz discharge tube encased in a glass bulb coated internally with a fluorescent phosphor which converts the UV radiation emitted by the tube into visible light, particularly at the red end of the spectrum which older style mercury vapour lamps lacked. Although mercury vapour lamps have been replaced in some applications by newer lamp technologies they are still a practical light source for exterior and commercial illumination due to their low system cost, long life and colour temperature


  • Coated elliptical bulb
  • High pressure (complies with safety requirements of IEC 62035)
  • Full luminous flux occurs approximately five minutes after starting
  • Colour temperature of 4000K


  • For commercial lighting applications where a low cost, long life light source is required
  • Commonly used in street lighting, floodlighting and building illumination
  • Suitable for use indoors and in enclosed exterior fittings

Burning Position

  • Universal


ReferenceCode        Watts       BaseDimensionLumen OutputCarton Qty 
50WESMBFU 11292 50 ES E27 55x130 1800 12
80WESMBFU 11293 80 ES E27 70x156 3800 12
125WESMBFU 18035 125 ES E27 75x170 6200 12
250WGESMBFU 11291 250 GES E40 90x226 13000 6
400WGESMBFU 14538 400 GES E40 120x290 23000 6


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