CEILING FANS
High Efficiency
Ceiling fans with DC motors create a higher torque, meaning greater initial power and less energy
consumption. DC motors consume up to 58% less energy than conventional ceiling fan motors.
Greater Control
DC motor control provides up to six speed settings and an easy to use reversing function for
summer and winter operation. These motors are easier to start, stop and accelerate.
Light Weight
DC motors weigh less than conventional fan motors, resulting in a lighter product that is easier to install.
Quiet Operation
DC motors are virtually silent, ensuring a quiet operation.
Installation conditions/warranty
Warranty on fans is 6 years which includes 3 year in-home + additional 3 years on the motor.
The warranted use of fans outdoors are limited to Enclosed Alfresco like areas where conditions are
similar to indoor installations.
The warranty conditions for fans installed in Enclosed Alfresco areas are as follows:
• Fan must be shielded from wind and rain (enclosed area, minimum 1.5m from edge of eave/roof).
• The warranty will cover open circuit motor faults, and remote control faults if not related to outdoor
• The Warranty will not cover outdoor related issues such as rusting, or failure clearly caused by water,
moisture or wind.
• The Warranty will not cover external appearance or finish of any part of the ceiling fan.
• The Warranty will not cover wooden blades. These are recommended only to be used indoors.

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